June News

My exhibition, Distractions, is opening at 6pm Wednesday 12 June, at the fabulous purpose built contemporary art gallery, FORM Studio and Gallery, Queanbeyan.

It would be lovely to see you there and to share some wine with you.

Opening hours are Tuesday to Saturday, 10am – 4pm

Exhibition runs until 29 June 2019.

Please call in if you are in the hood. We would love to see you.

images of new work in the show:

I develop much of my work in the studio referencing my sketches, photos and written descriptions which help transport me to another place in my memory – back to places I have travelled, known and experienced. It’s as if there is a delayed reaction as if my thoughts need some sort of incubation time.

Recently I have turned to my immediate environment for subject matter where the sounds and my view of the mountain behind me are living, changing yet constant, sources of inspiration. I note the changes in light during different times of the day and the season.  Dry crackle hum. The bush pings, the air stings, the kookaburras laugh.

Lush winter view of the foothills of Mount Gibraltar from my house

DISTRACTIONS is somewhat autobiographical where the paintings served as distractions to greater world events, and to more personal my-world events.

Nightfall, Full Moon, Morning 2018 – 19, oil on canvas 122 x 152cm UF
Possum Light 2019 acrylic on canvas, 61 x 51cm $950 UF
My Brother’s Country is on Fire 2019 oil on canvas 61 x 51cm$950 UF
Parched 2019 acrylic on canvas 61 x 51cm $950 UF
Sticks and Stones 2019 acrylic on canvas 152 x 122cm UF
Last Light 2019 oil on canvas 61 x 51cm $950 UF
Mountain Drought 2018 oil on linen 122 x 91cm $2600 Framed
Morning Shadows 2019 oil on canvas 152 x 122cm UF
King’s Canyon Walk Remembered 2019 oil on canvas 30 x 30cm $600 Framed SOLD
Fowler’s Gap Creek Bed 2016 acrylic on board 31 x 30cm $600 Framed
Parched Evening 2019 oil on canvas 30 x 30cm $600 Framed
Burnt Out 2019 oil on canvas 30 x 30cm $600 Framed SOLD
Flowering Desert oil on board 30 x 30 cm
Long Lazy Summer 2015-19 oil on canvas 170 x 240 $6500 UF
Looking Back up the Gib 2018-19 oil on canvas 81 x81cm $1650 UF
Bush Backyard 2018-19 oil on canvas 122 x 76cm $2300 Framed SOLD

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